Shadowball - Rise of the Black Athlete - Only Available on Audible

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Narrated by Jemele Hill

P. G. Cuschieri (Creator & Author), Adriana Matamoros (Author), Jessica Brydon (Author), Amira Rose Davis (Author), Matthew Hatchette (Author), Curley Johnson (Author), Audible Originals (Publisher)

African-American athletes' roots have always been in social justice. It has also been a specter for them. As individuals, black athletes want to compete. As members of a team, they are conditioned to put their own interests aside. Outweighing their individual needs and the pressure to perform for their teammates, however, is the crushing tension of trying to make a difference for their race, aiming to achieve not just equality on the field, but in the society which they live.

From the producers of the Signal Award-winning series The League and hosted by Emmy Award-winning journalist Jemele Hill comes the audio documentary series, Shadowball: Rise of the Black Athlete.

Among the stories featured include a football player’s tragic death in his second college game in 1923; a female track star's courageous fight for de-segregation, including remaining seated during the national anthem at the Pan-Am Games in the late 1950’s; the ascension of African-American quarterbacks in the NFL; a WNBA team’s courageous efforts to change the tide of the 2020 election, and a baseball player who left Tiger Stadium in his uniform in the middle of the the Detroit Rebellion of 1967 to quell the violence in his city.

This Audible Originals series offers a window into the history of the black athlete's role and how it has led us to where we are today, recounting a dark past, but showing inspirational triumphs that provide hope for future generations.

The League - Audible

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Hosted by: Richard Sherman & Taylor Rooks

Ever wonder who stole Tom Brady’s irreplaceable Super Bowl jersey, and how he got it back? What Bruce Lee’s protégé taught the Dallas Cowboys that led to a Super Bowl victory? How the first ever female broadcaster broke through the NFL’s glass ceiling in 1974?
The League is a 10-part docu-series about the most bizarre, inspirational, and unlikely stories connected to America’s favorite sport. Go beyond the game and dive deep into the vaults of professional football’s incredibly colorful history.
Thursday Night Football commentators, Super Bowl champion and legendary smack talker Richard Sherman and sports broadcaster and rising star Taylor Rooks co-host. From Joy Road Entertainment, The League promises unrivaled and untold stories that offer equal parts history, entertainment, and social commentary, spanning all the way from the '40s to the present.

The Undercovers - Season 2 - With Ed O'Neil and featuring Ray Liotta - Global

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Hosted by: Ed O'Neill

Former agent Josph Pistone shares how and why he applied for reinstatement into the FBI. Because Pistone’s national fame and prestige made it nearly impossible for domestic undercover jobs, the FBI sends Agent Pistone overseas where he takes down a Chinese Triad ring in London, and is nearly killed in the jungles of another third-world country.

Westward - From the Dan Patrick Network on iHeart Podcasts

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Narrated by: Keith David, Tim Livingston, Bobby Glanton-Smith

Westward chronicles the history of basketball in the NBA and how the city of Los Angeles not only saved the fledgling league by bringing the Lakers from Minneapolis, but gave birth to the modern NBA with “Showtime.” Told through the lens of Jerry West, who helped build the dynasty of the Lakers, “Westward” now follows the former Hall Of Famer as he attempts to build a dynasty with L.A.’s other NBA franchise, the Clippers.

From the Dan Patrick Podcast Network, Westward is a production of iHeartRadio, Dan Patrick’s Productions, and Joy Road Entertainment, in association with Sugar23 and Workhouse Media.

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